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With much determination my wife and I finally did it. We wanted to set up a farm, where we could raise some animals, grow some food and finally have some space for ourselves. We would work on the farm together all the time, tending to the animals and crops, stacking hay and so forth.

We always wanted a place to ourselves and out in the country. We were living in southern Missouri, in a town with less than a thousand people I was always into the country more than the city.. To me the country had everything I wanted and needed without all the bullcrap that came with it. Not nearly as many rules or regulations, it was not crowded, didn't have to deal with so much crime or pollution, or noise and can grow my own food more easily, food that was healthier and tasted better. I liked neighbors but if they were within rock throwing distance, it was too close to me. We had at least 50 acres and had a variety of animals, such as goats, cows and chickens. It was just me and my wife, and could be together in peace.

My wife's name is Tina. She is a rather beautiful woman. She is a bbw so she had some curves in her. She had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and glasses. She was thick without being fat. She had a great set of breasts and her waist was rather wide. Her butt didn't sag or was flat but rather, wide, round and stuck out, especially when she wore tight jeans. I am 27 and she was 37. A ten year difference, but I didn't mind. I liked older women and got along with them more easily. She also had a southern accent which I loved hearing.

She was also rather gassy.

She however knew about my fart fetish even before we were married. She had borrowed my computer when hers was in the shop. She had noticed that I had a fart fetish site saved in my favorites and she found out due to my carelessness. I was beyond embarrassed and didn't know how to really explain it to her. But she was surprisingly reassuring, letting me know that it was nothing to be ashamed of. She told me she loved me and was willing to do it, as farts were really not that strange, compared to other fetishes and the fact that she had previous boyfriends who also had uncommon fetishes.

Many times she would let me indulge in her farts. I didn't need farts to have an orgasm. It was just icing on the cake, but it was great icing!

She would often fart in the morning when we would make breakfast together and especially before I had to go and buy some hay and/or grain for the animals. I would sit in my chair, about to finish my breakfast and head out and she would say. "See you soon hun. Oh and don't forget this!" She said as she would lift up her nightgown, exposing her panties, and let loose a bubbly fart that would go "brapppt brap brapptttt" Needless to say, I would love it every single time, as I would close my eyes, smile, sniff deeply for about a minute or two to make sure I got it all, give her a kiss, tell her I loved her and then head out.

Her farts made many noises but most of them were rather deep and bassy and make a "broooomphttt brumph buuuuumph" sound, which I loved the most. Even when we went to work out in the farm, she would let one loose. Often when we would stack hay together out in the barn, she would pause while she was about to pick up another bale of hay. Often, she would make her "fart face" which I absolutely loved. Her face would contort into so many expressions, squinting a little, opening her beautiful mouth and let out her lovely deep bassy farts. Whenever she would fart, even when my face wasn't in her butt, she would always waft the smell to me, to make sure I got it all because she knew I loved it so much.

After a hard days work, we would make dinner together, shower up and relax on the couch. We would watch many shows together, but mostly we would pop in old movies or shows together, such as Star Trek and Doctor Who. She often cuddled up next to me, which I loved, as I loved cuddling with her. My whole body would melt as she cuddled up to me. She moved closer to me, as my heart started to beat a little fast and said

"Hey hun...I gotta fart..." she whispered into my ear, causing my heart to skip a beat.

I loved how blunt she was about farting and how she would do it so openly.

"By all means Tina. I would love it so much" I said, smiling at her.

"Mmm I hope you do love it." She said, trying to be seductive.

Again she was making her "fart face" again which I loved so much. I was mesmerized by it as she contorted her face. Nothing came out and then "brooooooooomppphh brumph". She caused the couch to vibrate a little and I felt it as well, causing my heart to beat faster and my groin to tingle.

"Ahhhh..." She sighed in relief. Another thing I liked about her farting was her moans and sighs of relief after she let loose a big fart. It was always music to my ears.

Without warning, she dove in and kissed me on the lips. We were making out and as we were she would let loose some farts with her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her sigh in my mouth and I loved it. Pressing my lips against my wife's while the smell of her fart was starting to creep up my nose and fill my lungs was all too intoxicating.

"Hey hun, I hope ya like this, too" She said as she grabbed my hand and put it under her butt. She sat on it a little but without crushing my hand. Again, she was making her fart face while my hand was underneath my butt. I knew what would happen and I eagerly waited for her fart

"Brrroooooooompht" "Ahhh yeah..." She sighed

I felt my entire hand vibrate as she let out that deep bassy fart. My heart was only beating faster as she took my hand and lightly pressed it against my face so I would smell it.

"Smell good dear?' She asked, eagerly awaiting my answer.

"No, it smells great!" I said, eagerly sniffing my own hand, laced with her fart smell. It was strong, rich and eggy.

"It was those eggs, don't ya think? They always make me gassy.

It was true that eggs among many other things would cause lots of gas to be built in her system. Not that I was complaining!

I was still sniffing my own hand and my pants only got tighter. She then let go of my hand and stood up straight. She was wearing a white t-shirt and only panties on. She looked back at me with a look of love and lust in her big bright beautiful eyes.

"Hey baby? I still feel some gas in my stomach. Could you...rub it out for me?" She said, playfully wiggling her huge ass at me. And how could I resist?

I stood up and stood right behind her, where she pushed her butt against my groin, causing my dick to get harder. I reached around and started rubbing her stomach, an act that made her moan with relief and pleasure.

"brooooooooomppt brump brumpt"

Even as the sound was muffled with her ass being pressed against my groin, they were still loud. And I loved every moment of it. As the smell was lingering in my noise. I started kissing her neck and I rubbed her stomach while she farted on my dick. She turned her head around and looked at me with her lovely eyes, making fart faces, before pressing her lips against mine.

I got harder and harder as time progressed. She knew it too.

"Hey baby. If you'd like, you can go down there and get a better whiff." She cooed.

I crouched down and looked at her big butt with her white panties. She then turned around to the side and pulled her panties down, exposing her huge ass and lovely pussy. I eagerly hugged it as the smell still lingered in my nose. She turned right and I was hugging against her right butt cheek. And I knew why she turned a little. So I can see her fart and see her face.

Without warning "brrrpppt brapppt brappt" There were wet bubbly farts coming out of her ass and I saw her butt cheeks actually move as she farted! I was so mesmerized by this act and I also looked up and saw her making her fart faces. This time her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. It was incredibly sexy to look at and even more so, she was moaning and sighing.

"Brappt Brapppt" was the sound I heard, and while I heard that, I could hear her moan "Ohhhh" Ahhh" She was letting out so many farts and I could tell she was trying to let one out at a time instead of pushing them all out at once. So we could savor the moment. Even as the farts came out, she let out a long drawn out "Ahhhhhh..." with the sound of her farts making the "brrappppt bruuubbbp brappt" sound while she was moaning.

Needless to say, I was extremely turned on. The whole spectacle made me hug her ass even more. The smell was really starting to fill the room and I loved every minute of it. Looking at my wife's face as she farted and also looking and my wife's lovely big asscheeks rippling with every fart made me sniff as deeply as I could.

She then turned around, pressing her wide ass in front of me. She turned around and made a seductive look. She wanted me to take my boxers off and start masturbating and she was implying by looking at my now erect dick.

I wanted to so badly as well. I couldn't help it. I had to take my boxers off, freeing my dick. She smiled even more as I looked at her big beautiful ass. I knew what was coming and I knew I was going to blow a huge load tonight.

"Are ya ready baby?" She cooed

"Always honey." I smiled getting ready as I started to play with my self a little but not actually jerk off, at least not yet.

She looked at me with loving smile and groaned and moaned as she was trying to push a fart out. And she did

It was really deep, long and it caused her buttcheeks to ripple a little. I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I had to have her farts and I had to cum to them. I eagerly stuffed my face in her ass as she farted. I then started to grab my dick and masturbate fast but not too fast as I was saving that for the end, right before I cum.

I shoved my face in her big ass, burying my face in there and breathing deeply, inhaling her powerful eggy aroma. I was wiggling my face in there, as if I was motorboating her ass. She giggled and continued to fart even more.

Her farts shot straight up my nose, but I could take it. And I would take it over and over.

"BRUMMMMMMMPT BruppppppT BROOOMPPHHH" Her ass made this sound with my face between her buttcheeks the entire time. My entire face vibrated and her warm eggy fart shot straight up my nose. I didn't even cough once. I loved her farts that much. She had the right kind of farts. Powerful and rich but not overpowering. I just sniffed even deeper with my nose between her ass cheeks and jerking off like a mad man.

She looked down at me and I could hear voice "Mmmm I love it when you sniff my farts like that. I love that you're so eager! Mmm I bet you're gonna blow a big load aren't ya?" She lovingly said as she placed her hand on my head. She didn't push my head into her ass. Rather, she lovingly stroked my hair as she continued to fart.

I was at a loss for words. My face was getting red and sweat started to pour on my face. I kept my face in there, deeply ihanling her farts as I masturbated furiously. I just kept going. I couldn't stop myself and wouldn't want to. Right now, I just wanted to keep my face buried in my wife's lovely big ass and keep stroking my dick to her farts until I came. That was all I could think of. My balls and dick were getting tighter and I started to grit my teeth. I was shivering with pleasure as my wife farted on me. I knew it was close. I was going to cum soon.

"Oh baby... you're gonna cum soon aren't ya? Well go ahead baby. Just let it out as I fart. I just know your load is going to be big..." She said as she licked her lips.

As I was shivering with pleasure even more, I felt her butt move and suddenly, she let out her deepest bassiest fart ever!


It was long and loud and incredibly deep. I opened my eyes, only briefly from the sheer power of my wife's fart. I said to myself in my mind "This is incredible. It smells so good! This is it. I'm going to cum. I going to cum to her farts!" I said as I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth and waited for the release...

And soon enough it happened...As her fart ended, I exploded everywhere. I didn't just shoot my load, it was practically an explosion. I violently shook as I was inhaling her farts deeply while I shot my load at the same time. I must have shot it over ten times as I stroked like never before. I moaned really loudly but my moans were somewhat muffled with my face in her massive ass.

Even as I shot my load, she still wasn't done! She let out a couple smaller deep farts as I was cumming. "Broommpt Brummmph" It was amazing to smell fresh farts even while I was having one of the biggest orgasms of my life! I just kept stroking to it even after I was finished.

Soon enough, I nearly collapsed from shooting one of my biggest loads ever. I smiled with sheer satisfaction as I saw her turn around with a lovely smile on her face. She pressed her lips against mine, making a nice wet lip smacking sound.

"I knew ya had a big load saved up for me." She winked. As she was bending down, she again contorted her face to make her lovely fart face that I love so much and let out a smaller "Broopt" sound. And I thought she was out of farts! I'm glad I was wrong! We both laughed as we began to clean up ourselves.

As the moon came up, we both went up to bed, cuddling up to each other. She would often fart in bed, which I loved also. As I was laying behind her, with my dick being next to her ass, she would lovingly push her butt against my dick and let loose a big deep fart. I smiled as I felt it vibrate against my groin.

"Mmmm. Hope you liked that and the smell. Something good to smell right before you go to bed, eh hun?" She winked.

I eagerly went underneath the covers and deeply inhaled her rich eggy aroma, gave her ass a playful squeeze and came up underneath the covers.

"You couldn't be more right." I said as I gave her a kiss on her neck and slept the night away with my big beautiful farting wife.

1. Tell you something I learned about by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4.  Tell you what movie, tv, or video game character you remind me of.

5.  Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6.  Tell you something I like about you.

7.  Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you the object to that is to the left of me.

9.  Dare you to post this in your journal.

1. Tell you something I learned about by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4.  Tell you what movie, tv, or video game character you remind me of.

5.  Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6.  Tell you something I like about you.

7.  Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you the object to that is to the left of me.

9.  Dare you to post this in your journal.


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